Adele Teases New Music - Hollywood Headlines 5/6/19

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Adele may be working on a new album. She marked her 31st birthday on Instagram yesterday, and said that while 30 was hard, she is owning it. Adele recently announced her split from her husband of three years. She also wrote in her Instagram post that "30 will be a drum 'n bass record to spite you," seemingly in reference to her ex. Adele's last album was 25, which came out in 2015.


Author George R.R. Martin says that HBO is moving ahead with three spinoffs for Game of Thrones. He of course wrote the books the series is based on. Martin says one of the spinoffs will begin shooting later this year. HBO had previously announced a prequel series featuring Naomi Watts was given a pilot order last summer.

Meanwhile, SNL poked fun and GoT and Avengers this past weekend..


The American Idol judges used their save to round out this season's top five. Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan chose to keep Laci Kay Booth. She sang some Journey to convince them (below). The top 5 will compete Sunday.



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