Advice That's BAD For Your Relationship

There's A LOT of bad advice about love and relationships out there, so often we lean on the old-fashioned advice most of us have heard.

However, that might actually be BAD for your relationship!

After all, times have changed. So some old-fashioned relationship advice doesn’t really help us anymore.

Bustle put together a list of older advice that doesn't stand the test of time.

Here are my top 3 Old-Fashioned Advice That’s Bad For Your Relationship...

  1. “Love will keep you together” - It’s romantic, and certainly love is SUPER important. However, work is what keeps you together. Marriage is great but takes a lot of work that often is out of love for your spouse. Work is what makes relationships last.  
  2. “You should stay with them for better or for worse” - We all want to think our partner will stick around, no matter what, but if a relationship is unhealthy, you don’t need to stick it out. YOu should have patience and try everything,but when you’ve exhausted every possible angle to fix things, move on. Not just for you, but for your kids if you have them. Kids know when you're marriage is bad and will hold it against you. BTW if it’s an abusive relationship, immediately get out and get help. Contact Vera House:
  3. “Honor and obey” - Experts say we should update that to “honor and respect” since we’re not obligated to “obey” our partners in any way. I agree.

See the full list here: Bustle

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