NY State Might Ban Texting While Walking

Lots of us here have seen people text while driving, which is so dangerous, and illegal. It makes sense too. No one should be looking down while operating a car!

In places like NYC, this is a problem not only ion cars, but also while just walking with your phone, as lots of poeple have had accidents while walking and texting.

As a result, lawmakers are considering banning texting while walking STATEWIDE. Legislation has been introduced in the State Senate that aims to penalize people who are texting while crossing the street. The measure is meant to cut down on incidents where pedestrians are struck by cars.

Many drivers are all for the measure while pedestrians asked say its too much oversight. There’s no solid data on how many accidents occur this way.

The fines would range from 50-to-150-dollars. Some cities in California and Hawaii have passed similar legislation but this would be the first statewide law.

Source: Gothamist


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