Syracuse Ranked One Of America's Top Summer Destinations - Good Stuff 5/17

Syracuse is one of the top 100 summer vacation destinations, according to Wallethub! Specifically, we are one of the cheapest and easiest to get to, and ranked 80th in the nation. Our State Fair, the Amphitheater, wine country and breweries, casinos, beaches, and state parks make Syracuse and CNY a highly rated summer destination. CNY Central

Good news for when it does get hot this summer: it’ll cost less to use AC this year! The Public Service Commission says electricity rates could be up to three percent lower than last year. Across New York, the average prices have been falling since 2014. Albany Times Union

A restaurant accidentally served one of its customers a bottle of wine worth 58-hundred dollars! The customer ordered a 335-dollar bottle of wine but was served a bottle of Château Le Pin from 2001. The restaurant said it was very busy and made a simply mistake. They did not charge the customer 58-hundred dollars, nor did they fire the employee. CNN


NASA plans to land a woman on the moon within five years. The space agency said Monday it plans to send a woman and a man to the moon by 2024. It would be the first human landing on the moon in more than a half-century. This follows President Trump's announcement Monday that he's adding one-point-six billion dollars to NASA's budget so that, as he tweeted, "we can return to Space in a BIG WAY." The last moon landing was in 1972. New Atlas

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