Johnny Depp given Intervention? PLUS More Hollywood Headlines

Johnny Depp’s legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard is getting more bitter, and his celebrity friends are worried about him. Particularly, director Tim Burton and his wife, actress Helena Bonham-Carter, who have reportedly been letting him seek refuge at their mansion in England. The couple reportedly staged an intervention along with some more of Depp’s friends, including Alice Cooper.


Taylor Swift isn't answering any questions that she feels are sexist. A German news outlet asked the pop star recently whether she'd be settling down and having children after she turns 30. She told the interviewer she would not answer because she didn't think a man would be asked the same question. She turns 30 in December.


There were two villains on The Bachelorette this week, as Hannah Brown's relationships continue to heat up. Cam and Luke P. both tried to interrupt her time with other men. Cam was later sent home, after Hannah was told he was just trying to get the sympathy rose. Luke P. stayed, after Hannah reminded him that they had a solid relationship, and asked him to respect her relationships with other men. Hannah also landed herself in the hospital after passing out.



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