My 4 Year Old's Father's Day Card to Me

My father's day was EXCELLENT. I did nothing. I woke up later, laid around all day, ate awesome food and drank great beer. I also played with my 4 year old son, Rory, and spent quality time with my wife. It was all I could ask for.

I didn't want any gifts. Legit. I just don't need them. I did get a couple, however. One is an individual beer bottle cooler, which is AWESOME. The other is the best of all Father's Day gifts: a homemade card from my son.

He made it in pre-school, and inside was a little survey he filled in (with help) about me. I thought I'd share:

First off, nice job bud!

Second: I appreciate that I am only bigger than a small animal LOL.

Third: I do like golf, but only have played it once in the last MANY years, which was recently. It shows you how they absorb the information you give them. Apparently I was really excited about golf... which is true.

Here's the rest of the card


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