Weirdest, and Best, Prime Day Deals

Happy Prime Day! Every summer now, Amazon does their own version of black Friday, with pretty big deals on pretty big things. You'll find awesome discounts on TVs, Computers, Smart Speakers, big home items, and anything that Amazon makes.

For the biggest and best deals, check our CNET, as I find they do a great job summarizing things and making it easy. Click here: CNET

Aside from the obvious stuff though, there are plenty of small, even odd, items on Prime Day. Stuff for your day to day life, like 3 packs of dish soap, for example. There's even deals on stuff you may not even know existed. Like, for example, I bought this last year: The Life Straw

With this you can literally drink out of any water source, and it will,be filtered. It's neat! But... did I really need that? Probably not. While this isn't necessarily weird (A good gift for the camper in your family BTW) it's different. Here's a weird one: The Genius Test

I thought it was a test... it's actually a male supplement to help a guy's brain, apparently. Another weird item I found was The Soft Landing Alpaca

It's just a bouncy, riding toy for kids. Next, this cat fountain...

I do NOT recommend these as one year I bought one. They get nasty and are harder than you'd think to clean. Finally, there's this ear wax removal kit

Not shots taken here, as I guess some people have this issue. In fact, not shots taken at anyone who would like these kinds of products. It's just not what you'd necessarily think about when you shop Prime Day.

Remember, and I'm saying this for my benefit too, you do NOT HAVE TO BUY anything on Prime day LOL. If you NEED something, or want to get a great head start on Christmas Shopping, this is a good time to do so. Also remember you must be a Prime Member to take part. Prime day runs through tomorrow night.


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