Thousands Getting Microchips Implanted in Their Bodies

Over 4,000 people in Sweden have had microchips implanted in their skin, which help them carry out every day activities.

The chip is very small; the size of a single grain of rice. The implant implant allows them to pay for things simply by swiping their hand> it can also monitor the user’s health, and can be used to get them into buildings, kinda like a key FOB.

Some people are worried about the safety of the implants, particularly when it comes to cyber-crime. Also there are concerns over who owns the data gathered.

The chips aren't available in the US... yet. The designers want to bring them here.

Pat's Take:

Pros: Don't have to worry about your wallet, or building keys. Also the health monitoring this is good.

Cons: It's creepy! Plus that's what an apple watch does, and nothing needs to be implanted into me!

More on this here: New York Post



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