These 3 Foods Keeps Mosquitoes Away

Summer means good times outside in the sun. It also means MOSQUITOES! They can be dangerous, carrying all sorts of diseases. Chances are you won't contract anything if you do get bit. However, regardless it's annoying and itchy if you do.

To combat them, we often put on all sorts of chemical filled sprays. I don't know about you, but I don't love doing that. That stuff can't be super good for you, but what else can we do?

According to Mind Body Green, we can eat certain foods! They say just eating these 3 foods can help keep the mosquitoes away....

1. Garlic - A few studies have shown the repellent power of garlic against mosquitoes, among other bugs

2. Grapefruit - The summer fruit contains a compound called nootkatone, which has been found to repel not only mosquitoes but also ticks

3. Lemongrass - Lemongrass is one of the greatest food sources of citronella, a known mosquito repellent.

Now, it should be noted, there's no guarantee these will work, but worth a shot. Check out the full article here: Mind Body Green

Side note: this DOES work - when sitting on the deck or by a fire, have a box fan blowing on you. The mosquitoes can't fly in the breeze and stay away. You also stay cool and blow the smoke from the fire away from you a bit.

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Aedes aegypti


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