WATCH: First Trailer for Linda Ronstadt Documentary

Linda Ronstadt has been a big part of my musical upbringing. Not only did she have this absolutely fabulous voice, she was also doing her part to make the LA music scene in the 70's into what all of us know now as the Eagles, Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon, and probably a few other artists and bands. As popular music turned away from that country/rock sound, Ronstadt evolved into a great singer of standards and pop ballads that didn't get a lot of airplay but made some new fans - notably, country music icons Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris, with whom Linda made some really beautiful music. Sadly, Parkinson's Disease stole her voice from us, but there are enough memories to probably make a couple of movies about her life.

The Sound of My Voice is a film about her rise to popularity, her desire to do what she wanted to do in spite of the cost to that popularity, and how she has coped with her life since Parkinson's. Watch the clip and then, like me, anticipate the chance to watch the whole thing.



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