Men's Adult Onsies Are a Thing

Like most people I love to scroll through Facebook searching for all sorts of stuff. Nothing in particular. It just passes the time. On occasion I stumble across something I find... odd, but interesting. Like the other day when I came across the Male Adult Onesie...

(I took this pic of my computer with my iPhone BTW)

Male Onsie

Male Onsie

That's... odd, I thought to myself. Onsies are for babies, not grown men! I've seen the male romper before, which I find awkward but is obviously fine. But this? This was a first.

Then I thought about.

If a guy wears this, it's kind of brilliant. It's a polo on top. Polo shirts notoriously un-tuck form your pants. This would ensure that it never does that, wouldn't it?

It also might be super un-comfy on the bits LOL.

Never the less, I am tempted to try one of these. Because... who would know?? I'd have to advertise to people I'm wearing one and why would I ever do that?

Guys: you wearing this?

You can buy one here:

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