"Parent Trap" Co-Star Throws Shade On Dennis Quaid Engagement


Dennis Quaid has gotten a lot of social media attention over his engagement tweet showing Quaid and his 26-year-old bride-to-be Laura Savoie - but none more hilarious that that of Quaid's co-star in the 1998 remake of Parent Trap. Elaine Hendrix played the scheming 26-year-old gold digger Meredith Blake, anxious to marry wealthy Quaid's vineyard owner Nick Parker and get rid of his pesky twin daughters, both played by Lindsay Lohan. They conspire to get their mom and dad back together by sabotaging Blake's marriage plans.

Fast forward 20+ years as the 65-year-old Quaid announces his engagement to a - surprise - 26-year-old. Not to mention that Quaid has 12-year-old twins from a former marriage. So, when Hendrix retweeted the New York Post news of Quaid's engagement and added "Watch out for those twins," the Twitterverse and the Internet went bonkers. The fact that Hendrix can still find humor in the hilarious way she was the butt of joke after joke in that movie says a lot about her. As for Quaid, could it be life imitating art two decades later?


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