Couple Mashed Up Their Last Name to Create New One

Australian couple Courtney Cassar and Laura Sheldon welcomed daughter Lyla Jill in October and wanted both of their names represented, so instead of giving her a hyphenated name they decided to mashup their two last names, giving her the legal surname of "Casseldon"

People had A LOT of reactions to this, both positive and negative.

Courtney said, "I like the idea of our daughter having a part of both of us. With hyphens, I find a lot of kids end up choosing one name because it is easier. We played around with a few last names and found one that we like and sounds like a last name."

Online one person noting, “Cannot. Like. This. Enough,” and another adding, “She is beautiful!! And LOVE the name."

Some wondered whether the new name was even legal, and some suggested it would complicate family tress.

"Why? Bit ridiculous really,” one person noted, while another one added, "This is peak stupid.”


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