Top 5 Embarrassing Things People Have Done on Zoom Calls

Yesterday was National Work from Home Day...which a LOT more of us celebrated this year. And a new survey found that the vast majority of Americans want to continue working from home, at least part of the time. 

52% said they'd prefer to ALWAYS work from home. Another 37% said some of the time would be good. And only 11% hate it, and don't want to work from home at all.

33% of us think working from home has a positive impact on morale, 31% said it has a negative impact. Everyone else either said no impact, or they're not sure.

The survey also asked people if they've done anything embarrassing on Zoom during work calls. Here are five things we've done, ranked by how common they are:

1. Something your kids did that embarrassed you.

2. Being embarrassed by your significant other during a call.

3. Re-wearing the same dirty clothes on back-to-back days.

4. Audibly passing gas.

5. Accidental nudity. 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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