The New Beatles Lego Art Set Comes With A Soundtrack

Lego has unveiled a new Beatles-themed set that will allow fans to create portraits of the music icons using their favorite interchangeable plastic blocks.

The release is part of a new "Lego Art" product line geared towards the brand's adult admirers. It's available starting in September.

Each set depicts a different iconic image from pop culture. The Beatles' version is the only music-related one to be announced so far.

"Music lovers can bring Beatle-fandom into the home with a Lego portrait of their favorite band members, whether it's John Lennon, Sir Paul McCartney, George Harrison or Sir Ringo Starr," read a press release from Lego.

The set can be used to create four unique portraits to display in different rooms. Or you can also get all four and wind up with something like the Let It Be album artwork.

The images for each 2933-piece set were created with small circular pieces, as opposed to the blocks, most commonly associated with Lego.

The Beatles Lego Art set even comes with an accompanying soundtrack to "immerse you in stories and unexpected details about the band."

Get more details here.

Photo: Getty Images

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