#GoodNews: Couple Finds Love Again After 60 Years Apart

Len and Jeanette Steer first met in 1963. They said it was "love at first sight" and a few months later, they got engaged. 

Len moved to Australia to buy some land and build a house for them to live in once they were married. However, the age of consent at the time was 21 and Jeanette's parents put a stop to the wedding as she was only 18. Her parents wouldn't let her move to Australia either, so Jeanette sent Len a letter explaining why she had to end their engagement.

The years went by and they both married someone else. But 52 years later, Len divorced and decided to look for Jeanette. He found her but she was still married. But two years later, Jeanette's husband died of cancer. So, she reached back out to Len. He had sent her a Christmas card the year before and still had his contact information.

Last year, Len once again got down on one knee and asked Jeanette to marry him. They tied the knot on Feb. 11, with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren there. 


(Image: Getty)

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