VIDEO: Amazon Delivery Driver Caught Throwing Packages Out the Window

Residents of a North Carolina neighborhood couldn't figure out why their Amazon packages were strewn all over the grass.. Until someone's Ring camera caught the driver tossing packages out of the delivery van window.

One customer said he found a $500 laptop that was thrown on the ground.

“As I’m looking up and down the street, everybody’s packages are in the grass. And they’re not just little packages. They’re little packages and big packages, too,” said Jennifer Kolkhorst.

Another neighbor said the packages were sometimes left in the street or out in the rain.

QC News visited the neighborhood to cover this story and saw that same delivery driver placing packages on doorsteps.

“I’m hoping that it’s just burnout and not someone who is going to do it all the time,” said a resident.

Source: QC News

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