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Father's Day: Top 10 Most Wanted Gifts According To Dads

Still working on getting the perfect Father's Day gift? If you're stuck and looking for ideas, or just want to make sure you're on the right track, a recent Father's Day survey at YouGovAmerica asked dads what they really want.

In addition to the gift list, YouGov also asked a cross section of Americans some other Father's Day questions. 55% of people plan to celebrate Father's Day, 38% do not, 7% were undecided. Only 55% of Americans see Father's Day as a "real" holiday and 62% of people said they tend to spend more on Mother's Day than Father's Day.

Here's that list of the top ten things dads say they actually want:

1. Special experience with the family, like a hike or trip to the beach

2. A card is actually tied for 1st place, but we're putting it second

3. Clothing items (shirt, tie, socks, etc.)

4. Something homemade

5. Tools (this included grilling tools and accessories)

6. Electronics

7. Hobby items (golf, biking, hunting and fishing stuff)

8. A gift certificate for an experience (round of golf, beer tasting, etc.)

9. Having the day to himself

10. Food, beer, wine, or liquor

If you're looking to get creative, the videos below offer some fun DIY ideas you can make, even if you wait until the last minute.

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