My Week in Five Pictures!

If this is your tire, you owe me a new front end! It was rolling down 10E by U of H Downtown! Daryl, my tow truck driver and HPD Officer Young - thank you for keeping me safe!

Tuesday morning stunk but by Tuesday evening - I had moved on! I LOVE this Jam Cab! Under 20 bucks, it was just what I needed to relax and prolong that summer vibe!

Come on tires left on freeways and fast food left in our parking garage? WHO DOES THIS??

From 5 kids to 5 GRAND KIDS! Bob is thoroughly enjoying his babysitting duties!

But this lil farm girl makes it all worth it! I hope your weekend is great and next week is a tire free, trash free week! Thank you so much for looking and listening!

XO Dana

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