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Pearland TikTok celeb with colon cancer raising funds for treatment

A Pearland man and his son, famed for their antics on TikTok, are hoping their 15 million followers will help spread a lifesaving message.

Young Brice Gonzalez and his 34-year-old dad, Randy, known as Enkyboys on the social platform where they post videos of dance routines and humorous skits, surprised their fans this week with a somber post.

Photo: Randy Gonzalez

"I got diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer," Randy revealed in a video, adding that he has kept the news quiet for six months.

He was set to start chemotherapy at MD Anderson Hospital, but learned his insurance would not cover the treatment. So, he's turned to his TikTok followers for help. He hopes money raised through his GoFundMe will help pay for his treatment and spotlight a disease often overlooked by young men.

"I want everybody, every young man, 20 to 30, 30 to 40 to get checked for colon cancer," said Randy. "You want to do this now before it might be too late," added his wife, Kimberly.

As for the fundraiser, "It exploded overnight," said Randy. As of this morning, nearly $109,000 has been donated.

Randy's battle will be tough since the cancer has already spread to his liver, but he remains positive. He hopes to start chemo soon and keep making TikToks with Brice.

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