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SoCalGas Announces $10 Million to Help Customers Impacted by High Prices


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Southern California Gas Co. has announced $10 million in funding to help customers pay their bills. The funding will be split into the three below categories:

$5 million will be allocated to the Gas Assistance Fund, a program administered by the United Way that provides income-qualified customers with one-time grants to help pay their natural gas bills.

$4 million will be assigned to relaunch it’s popular ‘Fueling Our Communities’ program, a collaboration with local food banks and nonprofits that has provided free meals and groceries to thousands of Californians facing food insecurity since 2020.

Lastly, SoCalGas said it will contribute $1 million in aid to small restaurant owners through the Restaurants Care Resilience Fund, a fund that was started in 2021 to help small restaurants with improvements, employee retention and to manage debt and rising costs.

The funding stems from millions of Southern Californian’s receiving a steep increase in their bills. SoCalGas CEO, Scott Drury stated:

"This winter's unprecedented natural gas prices, on top of already high inflation, have been a real hardship for many Southern Californians, especially our most vulnerable, our seniors, and people facing difficult circumstances”

For more information on the higher bills and available help, go to

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